Medical Card

Medicalife 210

The one card that may be more powerful than all your other credit cards put together during your hospital stay


  • High Lifetime Limits – up to 1.2M
  • Guaranteed renewal – up to age 80
  • No Co-payment
  • No Restrictive Surgical Schedule
  • Out-patient Accident Treatment Day Surgery
  • Out-patient  Cancer Treatment
  • Out-patient Kidney Dialysia
  • Out -patient Physiotherapy Treatment
  • Home Nursing Care
  • Medical Report Fee
  • More than 90 Panel Hospitals
  • 24-hour Worldwide Cover

Rama Krishnan

012-320 8475


8 Responses to Medical Card

  1. nagarajan A/L Mariappan says:

    is AVM with hyperacute intracerebralbleed in frontoparietal lobe covered

  2. MUSKAM says:


  3. can we use this card immediately if there is any emergency cases like fever?

  4. or need to wait until a month o 4 months

    • RKC says:

      If it is a takeover from another policy and the new insurer accepts unconditionally,
      there in NO WAITING PERIOD
      However for new applications, there will normally be a one month waiting period for all illnesses and another additional
      3 months for specific illness as listed in the schedule. Note that there is no waiting period for accidents

  5. thx RKC, Lets said if having diarrhea and vomiting? after 1 month by taking this card m having all this problem so can i use d medical card?

    • RKC says:

      After 30 days, if diarrhea and vomiting is due to viral fever or maybe food poisoning, then the treatment is payable. But if the actual cause cannot be determined immediately, and there is suspicion that it could be due to a heart ailment for example, then the insurance may withhold giving approval ( as it is a specific illness still within the 120 day waiting period) They may tell you to pay first and claim later

      If in the end it is established that it is a heart problem, then nothing is claimable, otherwise if normal situation as mentioned earlier, all the eligible claims will be reimbursed

      After 120 days and as long as the policy has not lapsed, these should not become an issue

      Also note if diarrhea and vomiting is due to trauma caused by accident, then there is no waiting period for treatment

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