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Are you really, really uninsurable?

Sometimes we have come across people who are uninsurable primarily due to two reasons:-

  • Serious medical problems
  • Congenital health problems (born with health problems) &
  • Exceeding insurable age

For those uninsurable to medical problems, my sympathy to them. If there is anybody who would really appreciate insurance protection, it would be those who are in need of its benefits. Then still, there would still be some options, where insurance would still be considered with some restrictions such as:-

  • Full cover with increased premium (loading)
  • Coverage, excluding the medical problem, especially for medical & critical illness insurance
  • A combination of both exclusion and loading

Sometimes, the chances of acceptance for insurance is increased, when you apply for short-term endowment type plans or personal accident plans that give little or no consideration to natural death benefit

Senior Citizens ( Age 50-80)

Whatever the reasons, the good news is, as long as you are between age 50-80 and in whatever state of health, YOU ARE INSURABLE……GUARANTEED!

Not only do you enjoy both Natural Death & Accidental Death Benefits

Why these are important, I rather explain in person. So if you are in need of such a coverage or think that someone you care for needs such a cover, please contact me for more info

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Key Man Insurance for Businesses & Business Owners

Every business owner knows that, every business carry risks such as lack of demand, competition, supply demand, etc. But having the right people in the organisation can help it overcome the challenges successfully

The question is ….. what if it the important people in the organisation… the business owner, the marketing man with his contact or the brilliant business development person who is suddenly unavailable due to death or a serious disability? Then how will the business survive . The following video should give you a better idea on whats at stake and how best to manage it

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Family of slain cameraman to get RM200,000 insurance compensation

KUALA LUMPUR: The family of BernamaTV cameraman Noramfaizul Mohd Nor, who was killed in Somalia on Friday, will be compensated RM200,000 under insurance coverage purchased by the Putera 1Malaysia Club.

Club president Datuk Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim said Monday that the non-governmental organisation will also name one of its humanitarian camps in Somalia after Noramfaizul.

Noramfaizul was shot by a stray bullet while covering the club’s humanitarian mission.

Read the news here

It is heartening to know that the family of the late Noramfaizul,39, will receive the insurance benefit which will surely go a long way for the family’s upkeep. Many others are also promising to help out a national hero who died in the cause of his duty. Hopefully, there might be some more insurance, especially his personal policies, that would provide even more money

Sometimes it is moments like this where we also need to reflect on how our family’s lives will be if faced with a similar situation…… questions like:-

  • What if I were one of the 184 who died in road accidents the last week or so?
  • Would RM200,000/-  be sufficient to replace the income that would have provided a desired quality of life for my family?
  • When I die, would I be important enough that people from all walks of life would want to assist my family in need?
  • What if I actually survived but were bound to a wheel-chair? How much more would be needed, not only for my family but also my upkeep?

Insurance is totally disadvantaged when it come to remedying a situation

  • A doctor can attempt to bring you back to good health despite you not practicing a healthy lifestyle
  • A mechanic can repair your car despite you not servicing it regularly
  • A lawyer can litigate on your behalf to make good your loss of reputation or wealth

In insurance, there is no turning back the clock. One has to invest in it, especially when the sun is shining and your world seems problem-free

On the other side of the coin, when the whole world seems to crumble around you, insurance is the only service that can give you or your loved ones cold hard cash or benefit with no additional cost… All other services still expect to paid in return

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Why worry about enemies when it’s your friend who tries to hurt you?

Sometimes it just amazes me to see the extent to which people will go when they hurt! Spurned gay lover, love triangle…. we don’t really know yet for now. But for sure Mohd. Rafie’s life will never be the same again. For now his vision and facial looks will be his top priority.

How is he going to manage it? How would we manage it? Having lot’s of money for medical treatment would help! Or maybe a good Medical Card?……. or a comprehensive Personal Accident (PA) insurance that covers social crimes?

Criminals are now also getting more innovative in their crimes….distract the victim with acid and commit the crime

Or will the promising future of this young footballer be cut short by this accident?

Anything can happen at anytime. Being financially prepared, especially with the help of insurance, can go a long way

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Balik Kampung, Ops Sikap & Statistitcs

It’s the time of the year, when the exodus starts, be it to return home or go for holidays. The sad apart about the festive seasons is the number of accidents, injuries and deaths recorded that never seem to go down. Sometimes in our haste, we throw caution to the wind, sometimes no matter how careful we are, others seem to do likewise. In the end some land up in the hospitals, some are maimed for life and a few never get to see another day of their lives

Accidents are what they are; you are not prepared for them. Insurance is never a substitute for good health and life, but it will provide money to help people to get much needed treatment easily and allow people to continue life as close to normal as possible. See the statistics and judge for yourselves.

A Personal accident (PA) plan is the cheapest insurance policy you can purchase to protect yourself financially. If you were to calculate the highest plan that we can offer, a 1.2Million Ringgit coverage can be obtained for as low as RM2875/- per annum. The cost is only 0.2396% of the coverage. If you look at it from the accountant’s point of view, it will take you 417 years to save that money. Death is certain the day we are born… don’t you think that “profitability” seems probable, sooner or later? If you cannot afford RM2875/- per annum, then you surely can afford RM204/- per annum.

Our PAs can, depending on type of plan selected:-

  • Provide, if due to an accident, a Monthly Income for you if you are Totally & Permanently Disabled or to your family if you should die
  • Have a wider provision for permanent disability benefits
  • Give free extensions ( cover more risks without additional premiums) food-poisoning, motorcycle, mountain-hiking, ets
  • Pay for medical expenses
  • Provide double coverage, if death is on a tolled highway, PLUS Highway, SMART Tunnel, etc
  • Refund your premium in full after 20 years
  • Provide coverage for senior citizens between 50 – 80 years old ( guaranteed acceptance, no kidding!) regardless of their state of health, even if they were about to die tomorrow
  • Provide Family Package with increasing coverage bonus
  • Saved the best for last….. Natural Death (all causes) benefit for all our PA plans.

Any more reasons to wait?

Call me now to find out about one that’s best for you.

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Why Personal Accident (PA) insurance?

For some, Personal Accident (PA) Insurance has always been considered a “cheapskate” insurance or “value-for-money” depending on how one sees it

The major difference between PA and other types of insurance is basically two:-

  • PA Insurance is extremely cheap compared to other types of life or medical insurance
  • PA Insurance only pays out if the cause of injury is due to an accidental cause

The benefits offered normally can be one or more of the following:

  • Death
  • Total & Permanent Disability
  • Partial & Permanent Disability
  • Total & Temporary Disability Income
  • Partial & Temporary Disability Income
  • Medical Expenses
  • Hospital Stay Income
  • Total & Permanent Disability Survivor ( Insured or Dependents) Monthly Income
  • Additional benefits such as cosmetic surgery, medical equipment, counseling, etc

Unknown to many, besides the higher coverage provided for death, the more important benefit is the definition of Total & Permanent Disability (TPD) as compared to standard life insurance policys

An example is life insurance policies where TPD is considered when the insured is blind in both eye or loses two limbs or loss of uses of two limbs or more

In a PA Insurance, a person, for example, who loses a limb above the wrist is considered TPDed and the whole face value is paid out. See the table below for a listing of the Disability Benefits

PA policies are a valuable addition to your insurance portfolio. And you would be surprised to know that nowadays PA insurance also pays out an amount for Natural Death! Another advantage is that people with medical related problems can expect more lenient underwriting as compared to life or medical insurance

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