Why this blog?

Hi, my name is Rama Krishnan Chandrasegaran, hence my Agency’s name RKC Agency.  Some of my friends and relatives know me as Simon

Having been in the insurance industry for the past 25 years, RKC Agency now represents two insurance companies namely MAA Assurance (conventional insurance) and MAA Takaful (Takaful or Islamic insurance).

Recently MAA Assurance has been wholly acquired by Zurich Insurance. Overnight MAA Assurance has gone from being the largest local Malaysian Life Insurance company to one of the largest global life insurance in the world. The takeover is expected to be complete by mid 2012 with Zurich’s exit from MCIS or maybe MCIS’s merger into this new entity. That’s why you’ll see both company’s logos on the header of this blog

MAA Takaful also continues to be the best performing Takaful provider, consistently winning accolades, attesting to its quality of its products. It leads in providing equally unique products such as extended age for Total Permanent Disability (TPD) which extends to age 74 where others only provide to age 65 and 46 Critical Illness Cover instead of the normal 36 Critical Illness. Last year it also distributed surplus distribution of RM3.128 Million to its policy holders as compared to RM1.125M in 2009. This is on top of what ever investment returns policyholders have already gained through their investments

MAA Takulul is also the winner of KLIFF Islamic Finance Awards’ MOST OUTSTANDING TAKAFUL PRODUCT …… for 2 consecutive years, 2009 & 2010. It also won the the FIIA awards for insurer for best innovation in technology from among 68 entries from 25 countries

RKC Agency’s tagline is “Helping people to protect, accumulate and distribute personal wealth to enable them to live better lives”

Our goal is to assist clients in:-

  • Wealth Creation
  • Wealth Protection
  • Wealth Accumulation
  • Wealth Distribution & additionally
  • Wealth Cleansing for Muslim clients

Every person is a unique human being with unique needs. We assist people:-

  • to identify their needs, fears and ambitions
  • offer suggestions, information and solutions
  • review timely on the programs put in place

Our solutions are geared towards

  • Hospitalisation & Surgical Protection
  • Disability Protection
  • Income Protection
  • Business Protection &
  • Retirement Lifestyle Protection
  • Financial Legacy Creation

The ultimate goal of our service is to enable our clients to have PEACE OF MIND

If you need to know more about our programs, please feel free to drop us a line

We also seek people, especially between the ages of 20~40, interested to explore the careers of financial planners and insurance consultants. It is the same age group in which 60% are seeking to buy life and medical insurance in the next 12 months. It is a noble profession that can also be emotionally & financially rewarding when properly done

It will be our pleasure to be of assistance to you

Rama Krishnan

RKC Agency

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

012-320 8475



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