San Franscisco – 30th Summit Contest

Year 2012 marks a new beginning of our long and eventful journey with Zurich and we like to extend an invitation to you to fly with us to San Francisco through our one and only 30th Summit Club Convention

Visually, San Francisco is a postcard-perfect city, its hills facing a calm bay. Many visitors say the ci{v’s beauty was the best part of their visit. Other often-cited characteristics are its excellent restaurants, vibrant arts scene and outdoor recreation. If you like gorgeous surrounding, shopping, arts, architecture and great food or if you just want to SEE all those things you’ve heard or read about..San Francisco may be the place for you.

Come on, there’s more to life than San Francisco Steakhouse only. Come and experience the best of San Francisco with Zurich!

Rama Krishnan

RKC Agency



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