GO HANGZHOU contest 1st April ~ 30th August 2012

Hangzhou, the “Paradise”.

With a colorful history and culture spanning over 2000 years Hangzhou has made its name as one of the more popular tourist attractions in China. In ancient times, the Grand Canal between Beijing and Hangzhou opened up and connected trade and economy. The royal family once moved here during the Song dynasty. It is a city with not only beautiful sceneries but also historical stories and traditions. For a long time, Hangzhou is the get-together of artists, poets, calligraphers and painters.

Are you seeking a place named ‘Paradise’ or a place known as ‘Heaven on Earth’? There is no better answer than Hangzhou. As Marco Polo describes it, Hangzhou is “beyond dispute the finest and the noblest in the world”.

With this, we have built a gateway for you to experience this ‘heaven on earth’ by simply qualifying for the ‘GO HANGZHOU‘ contest

Simple… Just be diligent in introducing  about RM2oo/- monthly premium cases x 2 PER WEEK and in about 4 months, you would have qualified for the FULLY PAID HOLIDAY!.

And the best news is the same production can be used again for the Summit Contest to San Fransisco. Hurry and join us now! Don’t let Hangzhou slip away!

More on Hangzhou

Rama Krishnan

RKC Agency


Email: 1myzurich@gmail.com

See also San Franscisco – 30th Summit Contest


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