Health Ministry looking into private hospital charges, says Liow

KUALA LUMPUR: The Health Ministry is addressing complaints of private hospitals charging patients with private insurance more than those paying on their own.

Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said that the charges should be the same for both.

“We hope this will stop because it will increase insurance premiums,” he said at the Private Hospitals Board of Visitors meeting.

Liow said that this was among the complaints that he had received on private hospitals, adding that he would meet private hospitals, insurance companies and others on the matter.

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Money makes the world go round

“The Beatles sang “All you need is Love” during the hippie era but then they didn’t just survive on love. When they released the hit song in 1967, they had already made their millions.

For celebutante Paris Hilton, money and happiness seem to come in one package. The Hilton heiress once famously declared: “I get half a million just to show up at parties. My life is, like, really, really fun.””

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Good News?

RM1.7b spent on generic drugs last year

Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai had his blood pressure checked by Columbia Asia nurse Muzarith Sofia after officiating the Health Fair, April 7, 2012. BERNAMApix

“… He also recommended that Malaysians over the age of 30 instead of 40 undergo regular screening for NCD risk factors every year, due to many cases of NCD being detected in the early stages.

“This is important because NCDs do not kill you quickly. It is a silent group of diseases, slowly killing you with heart disease, kidney disease and much more,” he said, adding that one in seven Malaysians were diagnosed with diabetes.”

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Health screenings reveal many have chronic diseases

KUALA LUMPUR: A quarter of those who went for health screening last year were found to have a chronic condition they were not previously aware of.

Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said 25% of 317,766 people who went for a health screening in government clinics and hospitals found out they had conditions such as cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

“It is an alarming figure,” he said after launching the Star Health Fair at the MidValley Exhibition Centre here yesterday.

However, he said most of those who discovered they were suffering from such diseases were over 30 years old.

Liow said it would be difficult to provide free health screening to all Malaysians.

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San Franscisco – 30th Summit Contest

Year 2012 marks a new beginning of our long and eventful journey with Zurich and we like to extend an invitation to you to fly with us to San Francisco through our one and only 30th Summit Club Convention

Visually, San Francisco is a postcard-perfect city, its hills facing a calm bay. Many visitors say the ci{v’s beauty was the best part of their visit. Other often-cited characteristics are its excellent restaurants, vibrant arts scene and outdoor recreation. If you like gorgeous surrounding, shopping, arts, architecture and great food or if you just want to SEE all those things you’ve heard or read about..San Francisco may be the place for you.

Come on, there’s more to life than San Francisco Steakhouse only. Come and experience the best of San Francisco with Zurich!

Rama Krishnan

RKC Agency



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GO HANGZHOU contest 1st April ~ 30th August 2012

Hangzhou, the “Paradise”.

With a colorful history and culture spanning over 2000 years Hangzhou has made its name as one of the more popular tourist attractions in China. In ancient times, the Grand Canal between Beijing and Hangzhou opened up and connected trade and economy. The royal family once moved here during the Song dynasty. It is a city with not only beautiful sceneries but also historical stories and traditions. For a long time, Hangzhou is the get-together of artists, poets, calligraphers and painters.

Are you seeking a place named ‘Paradise’ or a place known as ‘Heaven on Earth’? There is no better answer than Hangzhou. As Marco Polo describes it, Hangzhou is “beyond dispute the finest and the noblest in the world”.

With this, we have built a gateway for you to experience this ‘heaven on earth’ by simply qualifying for the ‘GO HANGZHOU‘ contest

Simple… Just be diligent in introducing  about RM2oo/- monthly premium cases x 2 PER WEEK and in about 4 months, you would have qualified for the FULLY PAID HOLIDAY!.

And the best news is the same production can be used again for the Summit Contest to San Fransisco. Hurry and join us now! Don’t let Hangzhou slip away!

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Rama Krishnan

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See also San Franscisco – 30th Summit Contest