Zurich NTX for New Consultants

Zurich believes in creating an impression that will last a very long time ….. hence we would like to welcome all new consultants to its maiden New Talent Xperience (NTX) program. It is an opportunity for our new recruits to become energetic, enthusiastic and vibrant through our Sea, Land & Air adventures within 12 months of joining Zurich.

An easy strategy of closing simply 2 cases at RM200/- monthly premium (RM2400/- annualized) and in just 7 weeks you would be on your first NTX program

This is on top of other holidays and incentives which Zurich is offering

Call now to find out how you too can, besides contributing to society and becoming financially successful, get to enjoy the adventures of a lifetime!

Rama Krishnan

RKC Agency

012-320 8475

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Rama Krishnan


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