The Parable of the Pipeline

This short video is based on a book on the same title by Burke Hedge. He explains in his book how virtually anyone can leverage their time, relationships, and money to become “the millionaire next door” by using the time-tested secrets of wealth creation. He also says that job security is an illusion… and why pipelines of residual income provide the only TRUE SECURITY

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This is especially true where we cannot depended of our physical capabilities forever to generate financially security for ourselves. Eventually there must be another source of income, be it investments, business or anything similar

This video shows how 2 ambitious friends Pablo & Bruno strive for financial success, each however attempting a different approach

Animated version

Storybook Version

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Rama Krishnan

RKC Agency



2 Responses to The Parable of the Pipeline

  1. Fransiska says:

    Nice video, thanks for sharing.. To have another another source of income is indeed a wise alternative in financial planning

    • RKC says:

      There are 2 sources of income:-
      Man at work &
      Money at work

      Most people who don’t do proper financial planning
      and have a course of action, will eventually see
      the 3rd source of income:-
      Charity at work

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