How Wealth Creation & Preservation through Life Insurance is FOR ALL?

As an Insurance Consultant, you would be providing the most important services to your clients:-

  • Immediate Estate (Wealth) creation where there was less or none earlier
  • Asset Preservation where your product, eg Medical Card, will help pay bills and not require your clients to use their own money
  • Wealth Accumulation, where Life Insurance is also a way to save and invest money to help pay for a planned expense, like children’s education or retirement
  • Estate Distribution is the fastest through Life Insurance when properly executed. The beneficiaries of your clients will not have to worry about Creditors, Legal delays and Estate Distribution Laws

An Insurance Consultant would normally aspire into becoming a Financial Planner. It is the 15th best job as ranked by Jobs Rated 2011: Ranking 200 Jobs From Best to Worst. The average income in the US is RM300,000 per annum. If you are into academics, then an ACTUARY is the 3rd best job to have

But have you ever thought that as an Insurance Leader, you can help more people improve their lives by sharing the Life Insurance business with them?  Imagine that through the Business Opportunity YOU offered in life insurance, your friends, relatives or loved ones will be able to :-

  • Buy their dream car
  • Afford the down- payment for a property that might become a home to live in or invest
  • Make enough money to pay for their further education or education of their siblings or even children
  • Settle all their debts that might have been created earlier
  • Go for holidays all paid for through life insurance contests
  • Get to meet people from all walks of life, because this industry enables one to do so, be it a CEO of a company, an politician, a city council enforcement officer or even a simple housewife
  • Most importantly, have the freedom as to where and when they want to work or the increment they want to give themselves

Money isn’t the most important thing in life, but most important things in life take money. Medical treatment is free, education is free, employment is not impossible to find. But you will agree that having more money will offer you better choices in the quality of education, medical treatment and your lifestyle among others

In our Business Opportunity Presentation, we hope to show you:-

  • The importance of protecting and creating wealth for your clients and also for yourself
  • The terrible financial consequences that people could face due to inadequate financial planning
  • Why creating wealth NOW as compared to LATER is going to make a great difference in the way you live your life
  • Simple strategies, if followed consistently, is going to create wealth for you very easily
  • How you can already be a leader from the day you join the business
  • Why sharing this business with others will be emotionally and financially rewarding

You deserve to give yourself an opportunity to know how this business can improve you life and those around you. An hour of quality time at our presentation could change your life forever.

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Rama Krishnan

RKC Agency



2 Responses to How Wealth Creation & Preservation through Life Insurance is FOR ALL?

  1. Fransiska says:

    Money isn’t the most important thing in life, but most important things in life take money. It’s a great quote. This emphasize why financial planning is very important. Thanks for the post

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