“Affordable” Life Insurance

When we think about it, there are times when we need a less expensive insurance that is more affordable and a temporary insurance would be sufficient for the moment.

Some examples would be a key-man insurance or a mortgage insurance or when we have more urgent expenses that do not allow us money for much needed life insurance

Let me elaborate further, but please read on to the end of this article for a fantastic option that will blow your mind:-

Mortgage insurance – When we purchase a house or other property, we are committed to pay installments for maybe 10 to 30 years.

What happens if the owner dies, or becomes Totally & Permanently Disabled (TPD), or even suffers a critical illness that makes continuing balance payments impossible?

Nobody would want the family to be forced to lose the asset to the bank or somebody else. That is why people takeup mortgage or life insurance, the payout from which the family can settle the balance of the outstanding loan and claim the property’s ownership

Keyman insurance:- Many businesses are dependent on a few important people to ensure that the company is able to operate successfully, including:-

  • The director who acts as a grantor for the company’s business loans
  • The marketing person with his vast network, who is instrumental in leading the company in its financial success

If they were to die or become TPD,  the  company might lose its business advantage or face a terrible cash crunch and consequently collapse

“More affordable” insurance – Very often, many of us see the need for life insurance protection, but really, really cannot afford the premiums to purchase this insurance.

It could be a young lady who has a high financially responsibility towards her sickly parents. Maybe people could have realized late in life the importance of insurance but the premiums are overwhelmingly expensive. Business people are always ploughing back profits into the business, and are always cash-strapped

Question:- Is there a temporary insurance, which might also be more affordable and would allow one to enjoy adequate insurance at a much lower price? Of course this would be temporary until we are financially stable and able to afford one that would offer not only protection, but also savings and investment returns

The answer is YES!!!

Lets look at an example by what we mean cheap:-

  • Death /TPD All Causes Benefit – RM50,000/-
  • Death /TPD Accidental Causes Benefit – RM50,000/- (Total RM100,000/- if death/TPD due to accident)
  • 36 Critical Illness Additional Benefit – RM50,000/- (Separate from above benefits)

The premium ? RM 214/- per annum!!!…. for RM150,000/- total coverage. Need more? just multiply the units and premium RM300,000 = RM428/-, etc. Look at your existing policy or ask an insurance consultant on the best premium he/she could quote for the above coverage.

  • Is there a “catch”? Yes, there is!
  • Will the “catch” cost me cold hard cash? Maybe yes, maybe NO!
  • Just what do you mean by YES & NO? Take the trouble to contact me and I promise, you will SAVE LOTS AND LOTS OF MONEY!!! On the other hand, everybody also has the choice to remain ignorant, and not know the opportunity (and money) that slipped by
  • Who knows, you might even get FREE life insurance! ( no kidding!)

Please note that we would need to meet you to find out what your actual needs are and how to fit this program into your financial portfolio

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TOMORROW is assured by Zurich

Advertisement in major newspapers today

And so it is finally done…. MAA is part of Zurich Group

The image below is a FAQ on MAA’s official takeover by Zurich Group on 30th Sep 2011.  Click on image to open in another window where you can re-size t0 view better. Note that MAA and MCIS Zurich are 2 COMPLETELY DIFFERENT ENTITIES at the moment