Are you really, really uninsurable?

Sometimes we have come across people who are uninsurable primarily due to two reasons:-

  • Serious medical problems
  • Congenital health problems (born with health problems) &
  • Exceeding insurable age

For those uninsurable to medical problems, my sympathy to them. If there is anybody who would really appreciate insurance protection, it would be those who are in need of its benefits. Then still, there would still be some options, where insurance would still be considered with some restrictions such as:-

  • Full cover with increased premium (loading)
  • Coverage, excluding the medical problem, especially for medical & critical illness insurance
  • A combination of both exclusion and loading

Sometimes, the chances of acceptance for insurance is increased, when you apply for short-term endowment type plans or personal accident plans that give little or no consideration to natural death benefit

Senior Citizens ( Age 50-80)

Whatever the reasons, the good news is, as long as you are between age 50-80 and in whatever state of health, YOU ARE INSURABLE……GUARANTEED!

Not only do you enjoy both Natural Death & Accidental Death Benefits

Why these are important, I rather explain in person. So if you are in need of such a coverage or think that someone you care for needs such a cover, please contact me for more info

Rama Krishnan



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