Right Age For A Heart-Attack?

A few weeks ago, I blogged that death, disabilities, illnesses and accidents do not discriminate between race, religion, age, sex and creed. A heart-attack is a disease that we normally associate with people who are aged maybe 45 and above. This is ONE OF THE MANY HOSPITAL BILLS for my client who had an attack last month. Note the first few digits of the MyKad number and you’d know that he is only 31.

He and his family realise how precious his MEDICALIFE Hospital & Surgical Insurance Card is. They also realise that purchase of any new insurance for him is almost impossible.

When is the best time to take up more protection?

The answer is TODAY, when you are

  • at your youngest age ever possible from now on
  • in the best of health possible
  • and more probably more comfortable financially, when later on family financial commitments will take on a greater role

Rama Krishnan




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