Family of slain cameraman to get RM200,000 insurance compensation

KUALA LUMPUR: The family of BernamaTV cameraman Noramfaizul Mohd Nor, who was killed in Somalia on Friday, will be compensated RM200,000 under insurance coverage purchased by the Putera 1Malaysia Club.

Club president Datuk Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim said Monday that the non-governmental organisation will also name one of its humanitarian camps in Somalia after Noramfaizul.

Noramfaizul was shot by a stray bullet while covering the club’s humanitarian mission.

Read the news here

It is heartening to know that the family of the late Noramfaizul,39, will receive the insurance benefit which will surely go a long way for the family’s upkeep. Many others are also promising to help out a national hero who died in the cause of his duty. Hopefully, there might be some more insurance, especially his personal policies, that would provide even more money

Sometimes it is moments like this where we also need to reflect on how our family’s lives will be if faced with a similar situation…… questions like:-

  • What if I were one of the 184 who died in road accidents the last week or so?
  • Would RM200,000/-  be sufficient to replace the income that would have provided a desired quality of life for my family?
  • When I die, would I be important enough that people from all walks of life would want to assist my family in need?
  • What if I actually survived but were bound to a wheel-chair? How much more would be needed, not only for my family but also my upkeep?

Insurance is totally disadvantaged when it come to remedying a situation

  • A doctor can attempt to bring you back to good health despite you not practicing a healthy lifestyle
  • A mechanic can repair your car despite you not servicing it regularly
  • A lawyer can litigate on your behalf to make good your loss of reputation or wealth

In insurance, there is no turning back the clock. One has to invest in it, especially when the sun is shining and your world seems problem-free

On the other side of the coin, when the whole world seems to crumble around you, insurance is the only service that can give you or your loved ones cold hard cash or benefit with no additional cost… All other services still expect to paid in return

Rama Krishnan



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