Are you really, really uninsurable?

Sometimes we have come across people who are uninsurable primarily due to two reasons:-

  • Serious medical problems
  • Congenital health problems (born with health problems) &
  • Exceeding insurable age

For those uninsurable to medical problems, my sympathy to them. If there is anybody who would really appreciate insurance protection, it would be those who are in need of its benefits. Then still, there would still be some options, where insurance would still be considered with some restrictions such as:-

  • Full cover with increased premium (loading)
  • Coverage, excluding the medical problem, especially for medical & critical illness insurance
  • A combination of both exclusion and loading

Sometimes, the chances of acceptance for insurance is increased, when you apply for short-term endowment type plans or personal accident plans that give little or no consideration to natural death benefit

Senior Citizens ( Age 50-80)

Whatever the reasons, the good news is, as long as you are between age 50-80 and in whatever state of health, YOU ARE INSURABLE……GUARANTEED!

Not only do you enjoy both Natural Death & Accidental Death Benefits

Why these are important, I rather explain in person. So if you are in need of such a coverage or think that someone you care for needs such a cover, please contact me for more info

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Key Man Insurance for Businesses & Business Owners

Every business owner knows that, every business carry risks such as lack of demand, competition, supply demand, etc. But having the right people in the organisation can help it overcome the challenges successfully

The question is ….. what if it the important people in the organisation… the business owner, the marketing man with his contact or the brilliant business development person who is suddenly unavailable due to death or a serious disability? Then how will the business survive . The following video should give you a better idea on whats at stake and how best to manage it

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How your house can become a headache!

Imagine this scenario:-

  • You have passed on
  • Your two children, Jack & Jill, have inherited your house 50:50
  • Jack wants to sell his  share NOW for the money, Jill wants to keep to own or sell later
  • The solution is for Jack and Jill, being co-owners, to jointly apply for a bank loan and allow Jill to pay off Jack. The problem is Jack does not want to be involved in the bank loan application process, because an argument broke out between the two on the value of the house, Jack wanting more and Jill insisting less

Does this sound like a problem you have seen before? I know it happens, because there is a house in my neighborhood with the same problem now. The children are at a stalemate on the matters of the house, while we have to put up with a decaying house that has become an eyesore

How could this problem been avoided? One simple answer that I could think off would be LIFE INSURANCE.  If you decided that the value of the house should be RM200,000/-:-

  • Take up a life insurance policy for RM200,000/-
  • Make Jill inherit the house
  • Make Jack inherit the insurance policy

and after your passing, Jack & Jill will continue to live happily ever after

Rama Krishnan

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KWSP (EPF) Nomination………..why?

There was a chain letter that mentioned that once a nominee (beneficiary) of the KWSP account dies, the whole nomination becomes void and ALL THE MONIES will be handed over to AMANAH RAYA as trustee. THIS IS FALSE

Here are few things to understand about the nomination process:-

  • A KWSP nomination supersedes all wills
  • A fresh nomination will supersede all earlier nominations
  • Muslim and non-Muslim nominations are treated differently
  • Where there is a nomination, for non-Muslims, the money will be distributed as per nomination and percentages
  • For non-Muslims, if the nominee/s has/have died, then only that portion of the proceeds will be handed over to the trustee and acted upon as required by law. Those still alive will receive their monies as per the percentages
  • For beneficiaries below age 18, KWSP will hold the money and release to the beneficiary upon attaining age 18. However, the administrator and at the discretion of KWSP, can apply for release of money for their upkeep
  • For Muslims, the nominee will receive the monies as an ADMINISTRATOR and not beneficiary, and distribute the monies according to the Islamic Distribution law (FARAID). One important responsibility will be to settle all debts of the deceased contributor, both financial and religious, before the beneficiaries can receive their money

In the event of no nomination being made:-

  • A sum of RM2,500 will be paid to the next of kin.
  • A  second payment up to RM17,500 or balance in KWSP account, whichever is lower, will be paid to the next of kin after two months from the date of the member’s death.
  • The balance of the savings will be paid upon producing the Letter of Administration/Grant of Probate/Distribution Order/Faraid Certificate from the party that administers estates such as Amanah Raya Berhad or the Court or the Land Office, respectively. This process to obtain documents can be time-consuming and costly.

With nomination, you will be spared all the hassle and costs. Actually with all the KWSP offices around town, there is no reason to delay updating your nomination

Rama Krishnan



46 Critical Illnesses Coverage

Critical Illness Insurance pays you a fixed amount of money to treat your illness or spend as you see fit, regardless of cost or who is bearing the cost. This is different compared to Hospital & Surgical Insurance which pays the actual cost and nothing more.

We only know of 36 Critical Illnesses (Dread Diseases) that are usually covered. MAA Takaful is another pioneer in increasing the number of illnesses covered from 36 to 46 illnesses

Another feather in the cap for MAA Takaful

Another feather in the cap for MAA Takaful.  The best option for those seeking pure Islamic compliant life protection and wealth accumulation



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Move over, Doc…. SKYNET’s.. Oops! Watson is here!

Looking at the shape of things to come, Computers will be dictating the most suitable treatment for us. See article from the Malaysian Star 13th Sept 2011

































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Most employees prefer benefits over higher salary

……..Employee benefits and perks can make a huge difference in employee satisfaction. Companies end up on the list of the best companies to work for, including Forbes and CNN Money, repeatedly because of the benefits and perks they offer. Retirement and health insurance are considered basic benefits, but some companies offer everything from flexible schedules to sabbaticals, life coaches, in-office massages, even auto maintenance. Benefits and perks offer the kind of working environment employees are looking for, and more often than not are rated as more valuable than their cost in both employee retention and employee satisfaction.

Read More Here

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Right Age For A Heart-Attack?

A few weeks ago, I blogged that death, disabilities, illnesses and accidents do not discriminate between race, religion, age, sex and creed. A heart-attack is a disease that we normally associate with people who are aged maybe 45 and above. This is ONE OF THE MANY HOSPITAL BILLS for my client who had an attack last month. Note the first few digits of the MyKad number and you’d know that he is only 31.

He and his family realise how precious his MEDICALIFE Hospital & Surgical Insurance Card is. They also realise that purchase of any new insurance for him is almost impossible.

When is the best time to take up more protection?

The answer is TODAY, when you are

  • at your youngest age ever possible from now on
  • in the best of health possible
  • and more probably more comfortable financially, when later on family financial commitments will take on a greater role

Rama Krishnan


Hospital & Surgical Claims

Sometimes we need to see actual bills to realise just how much medical bills can be in our hospitals

This lady had a broken arm and had a surgery and stayed a total of 3 nights in a hospitals

This is another claim by a young man for a gall bladder surgery

What is important to note is the amount covered by the insurance company and the pittance the patient had to pay

Rama Krishnan

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