Why Do People Buy Life Insurance?

The people who know the answer best to this question would be :-

  • The widow whose husband left enough money through life insurance to pay the bills towards the upkeep of her family
  • Children who benefited from education that was paid for by their education policies
  • The totally disabled person confined to the wheelchair whose daily upkeep is from his disability insurance
  • A young lady surviving cancer and living many more years because she got the best medical treatment that her insurance policy could provide
  • The old couple who are enjoying the fruits of their labour on saving in insurance because of the possibility of dying prematurely but turning out to live longer than expected
  • A company managing to stay afloat despite losing their keyman to an illness because of its keyman insurance
  • A group of friends who regularly holiday together, using the triennial bonus payout from their cash bonus life insurance policies

Having seen all the above reasons, there is actually almost always ONE answer to that question……. LOVE!

  • Because you LOVE YOURSELF
  • Because you LOVE SOMEBODY
  • Because you LOVE SOMETHING

Because you love yourself, you will want the best for yourself

  • the best medical treatment
  • the best pleasures in life that money will allow
  • the best retirement that enough money will allow

Because you love somebody, you will want to give them the best

  • the best medical treatment for them
  • the best education for children that money can provide
  • the best recreation and lifestyle that money will allow your family
  • enough money to sustain the family if you should suddenly leave this world
  • enough money for yourself should you become permanently disabled
  • enough money for your medical treatment should you be hospitalised or become seriously ill
  • freeing your children from added financial responsibilities for your upkeep because of you being financially independent during your retirement

Because you love a charity or a religious body, you would leave an amount of money for it to continue your work, although you are no more around in this world to physically contribute your services

People who do not buy insurance are not necessarily bad or irresponsible people. They also love themselves, love somebody or love something.

But these people live on hope.

  • They hope that they will not fall seriously ill
  • They hope they will live long enough
  • They hope that they will not be disabled in life
  • They also hope that if the above happens, it will only happen to “other” people

But to hope that nothing bad happens to them or hope that these happen “later” in life when they know that these unfortunate things can happen anytime to anyone without warning, and not do anything about it, is to GAMBLE through life.

  • Is gambling through life an intelligent idea?
  • Is gambling your family’s future a good idea?
  • Is gambling on your savings for a sound retirement a good idea?

What we all seek is peace of mind and insurance will provide that assurance in the face of uncertainties of life. Life is not a rehersal, everday’s the real deal and there’s no turning back the clock

If you want a solution bad enough, there is always one to be found. I believe I have a few that would suit your needs. Please contact me, even if it for an opinion or information

Note that some people buy life insurance to know how much they are worth. How much are you worth?

Rama Krishnan




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