Saving Now vs Saving Later

We all realise that we are all going to retire sooner or later. The question is ” Are we going to retire from life or are we going to retire from work?”

One of the easiest way to retire is to build a retirement nest egg that will provide a desired income that ideally is also a financial legacy for your heirs. The most important result that we will enjoy from HARD CASH is FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE… not having to depend on:

  • anything like working for regular income
  • allowance from your children
  • an ongoing business that could face challenges or competition
  • or assistance from charity

Saving for the future is less stressful and more profitable if you start NOW instead of the elusive LATER

Compare two people aged 25  in this example. Each

  • Saves RM6000/- per annum (RM500 monthly)
  • They get 10% returns from an investment
  • The both want to retire at age 55

The only difference is:-

  • One starts now and saves for only 10 years until age 35 and waits for his retirement fund to build up while
  • The other will only start 10 years later at age 35, but save for 20 years up to age 55

See the result below

It is seen that :-

  • Saver Now gets about 710,000 by saving 60,000 (650,000 profit) while
  • Saver Later gets about 380,000 by saving 120,000 (260,000 profit)

Also notice that SAVER NOW had RM6000/- per annum spare to spend on other things for 20 years after completing  his saving mission while SAVER LATER had to save hard for 20 years after enjoying only 10 years of savings-free life. The first worked smart, the latter worked hard

People may argue, ” Yes, it is an excellent idea, but I don’t earn enough, How do I save?”  The answer to this ” Why not earn more NOW, so that you can save/invest more” and let your money work for you?

Next question ” How do I earn more?”…. Answer ” Work for yourself” …. anything that brings you extra money. There are so many opportunities that will enable one to earn more, part-time or full-time, including being a FINANCIAL PLANNER or INSURANCE CONSULTANT.

Lastly ” But I don’t know anything about this industry!” The beautiful about this industry is that, just like a learner driver who is allowed on the road with a trainer, it allows you to EARN WHILE YOU LEARN & LEARN WHILE YOU EARN

Contact me to know how you can provide a much needed service to people and at the same time earn a generous income, even at part-time, for a start. Earning RM2000/- per month part-time from day 1 can be a reality with just some reasonable effort

Also of course if it is investment tools you are looking for, you are in the right place:-

  • Single Premium Investment
  • Regular Savings Investment
  • Single Premium with Regular Savings Investment

Go here for returns potential

Rama Krishnan



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