Balik Kampung, Ops Sikap & Statistitcs

It’s the time of the year, when the exodus starts, be it to return home or go for holidays. The sad apart about the festive seasons is the number of accidents, injuries and deaths recorded that never seem to go down. Sometimes in our haste, we throw caution to the wind, sometimes no matter how careful we are, others seem to do likewise. In the end some land up in the hospitals, some are maimed for life and a few never get to see another day of their lives

Accidents are what they are; you are not prepared for them. Insurance is never a substitute for good health and life, but it will provide money to help people to get much needed treatment easily and allow people to continue life as close to normal as possible. See the statistics and judge for yourselves.

A Personal accident (PA) plan is the cheapest insurance policy you can purchase to protect yourself financially. If you were to calculate the highest plan that we can offer, a 1.2Million Ringgit coverage can be obtained for as low as RM2875/- per annum. The cost is only 0.2396% of the coverage. If you look at it from the accountant’s point of view, it will take you 417 years to save that money. Death is certain the day we are born… don’t you think that “profitability” seems probable, sooner or later? If you cannot afford RM2875/- per annum, then you surely can afford RM204/- per annum.

Our PAs can, depending on type of plan selected:-

  • Provide, if due to an accident, a Monthly Income for you if you are Totally & Permanently Disabled or to your family if you should die
  • Have a wider provision for permanent disability benefits
  • Give free extensions ( cover more risks without additional premiums) food-poisoning, motorcycle, mountain-hiking, ets
  • Pay for medical expenses
  • Provide double coverage, if death is on a tolled highway, PLUS Highway, SMART Tunnel, etc
  • Refund your premium in full after 20 years
  • Provide coverage for senior citizens between 50 – 80 years old ( guaranteed acceptance, no kidding!) regardless of their state of health, even if they were about to die tomorrow
  • Provide Family Package with increasing coverage bonus
  • Saved the best for last….. Natural Death (all causes) benefit for all our PA plans.

Any more reasons to wait?

Call me now to find out about one that’s best for you.

Click here for PA plans 

Rama Krishnan 012-320 8475


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