How soon can I claim from my (Medical) H&S Insurance?

This post is in response to my client’s call to me if a claim can be made for cataract surgery. Generally the following should be known about H & S claims

Waiting Period:-

  • Accidents – no waiting period. As long as application as been made and premium paid to company, coverage is immediate. This generally applies to all policies, PA and Life policies included
  • Illness eg fever, pneumonia – generally there will be a waiting period of 30 days, before any claims will be entertained
  • Specific illnesses – Normally insurers will have a list of illnesses that will not be covered for a specific number of days. MAA and most insurers now apply 120 days for this period ( previously this used to be one year)

MAA defines the following as SPECIFIC ILLNESS

  • Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus and Cardiovascular Diseases
  • All Tumours, Cancers, Cysts, Nodules, Polyps, Stones of the Urinary System and Biliary System
  • All Ear, Nose (including sinuses) and Throat conditions
  • Hernias, Hemorrhoids (piles), Fistulae, Hydrocele, Varicocele
  • Endometriosis including disease of the Reproductive System
  • Vertebro-spinal Disorders (including disc) and Knee conditions

Note that the following conditions can also apply to coverage:-

Takeover policy– Where the policyholder discontinues a previous medical policy including that from a different insurer, and purchases this new insurance and is still in good health, generally a zero waiting period can be obtained for this new policy

Conditional Acceptance / Exclusion – There may be medical problems that may not be covered permanently, because it existed before the medical plan was taken up eg asthma, diabetes, etc. Any medical problems arising within the 30 days waiting period upon purchase or reinstatement after policy lapse will also not be covered

No coverage is provided for some type of treatment . They include Maternity, Cosmetic, Self-inflicted injuries, War, Psychotic, etc. Refer to your policy for more details

Coverage – H&S cards almost always provide cover for 3 instances :- Hospital Stay Treatment, Surgery & Out-patient Accidental  Treatment

Outpatient Treatment – Depending on the insurance policy, outpatient treatment is generally not covered. MAA MEDICALIFE however provides outpatient treatment for accidents, pre-hospital and post-hospital, kidney dialysis, cancer treatment, physiotherapy, etc

CASHLESS FACILITY – Generally if admission is in a PANEL HOSPITAL,  hospital will liaise with the Insurer and the patient will have to pay nothing or pay minimal non-claimable charges. If other than panel hospitals or out-patient, then the patient can “pay first and claim later” However, these are subject to approval based on factors such that the treatment involves surgery, in-stay at a recognised hospital, accidents and billing should not be higher than customary charges and also not involve non-claimable treatment

If you have a CASHLESS card, it is highly recommended that you use this benefit at a PANEL HOSPITAL and save the hassle of any dispute when claiming later. Simple example. Medical bill for cyst removed by a surgeon is claimable, cyst removed by a plastic surgeon may be disputable as it may be deemed cosmetic

Click here for more information on MAA MEDICALIFE H&S Card

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My Hands – Inspiring Petronas Ad


Nice Petronas  ad ( as always ) that causes you to reflect on things we take for granted.

Speaking from the insurance man’s point of view, how would life be if you lost them? How would I blog if I didn’t have hands?

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Why Do People Buy Life Insurance?

The people who know the answer best to this question would be :-

  • The widow whose husband left enough money through life insurance to pay the bills towards the upkeep of her family
  • Children who benefited from education that was paid for by their education policies
  • The totally disabled person confined to the wheelchair whose daily upkeep is from his disability insurance
  • A young lady surviving cancer and living many more years because she got the best medical treatment that her insurance policy could provide
  • The old couple who are enjoying the fruits of their labour on saving in insurance because of the possibility of dying prematurely but turning out to live longer than expected
  • A company managing to stay afloat despite losing their keyman to an illness because of its keyman insurance
  • A group of friends who regularly holiday together, using the triennial bonus payout from their cash bonus life insurance policies

Having seen all the above reasons, there is actually almost always ONE answer to that question……. LOVE!

  • Because you LOVE YOURSELF
  • Because you LOVE SOMEBODY
  • Because you LOVE SOMETHING

Because you love yourself, you will want the best for yourself

  • the best medical treatment
  • the best pleasures in life that money will allow
  • the best retirement that enough money will allow

Because you love somebody, you will want to give them the best

  • the best medical treatment for them
  • the best education for children that money can provide
  • the best recreation and lifestyle that money will allow your family
  • enough money to sustain the family if you should suddenly leave this world
  • enough money for yourself should you become permanently disabled
  • enough money for your medical treatment should you be hospitalised or become seriously ill
  • freeing your children from added financial responsibilities for your upkeep because of you being financially independent during your retirement

Because you love a charity or a religious body, you would leave an amount of money for it to continue your work, although you are no more around in this world to physically contribute your services

People who do not buy insurance are not necessarily bad or irresponsible people. They also love themselves, love somebody or love something.

But these people live on hope.

  • They hope that they will not fall seriously ill
  • They hope they will live long enough
  • They hope that they will not be disabled in life
  • They also hope that if the above happens, it will only happen to “other” people

But to hope that nothing bad happens to them or hope that these happen “later” in life when they know that these unfortunate things can happen anytime to anyone without warning, and not do anything about it, is to GAMBLE through life.

  • Is gambling through life an intelligent idea?
  • Is gambling your family’s future a good idea?
  • Is gambling on your savings for a sound retirement a good idea?

What we all seek is peace of mind and insurance will provide that assurance in the face of uncertainties of life. Life is not a rehersal, everday’s the real deal and there’s no turning back the clock

If you want a solution bad enough, there is always one to be found. I believe I have a few that would suit your needs. Please contact me, even if it for an opinion or information

Note that some people buy life insurance to know how much they are worth. How much are you worth?

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Do insurance companies deliver?

Sometimes you kind of decide based on the past experiences. So do they deliver?  Anything above 10~12% per annum seem acceptable, you agree?

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A million ringgit nest egg

Do you spend more during weekdays or weekends? Most would say weekends. When you are retired, every day is like a weekend,” he says, adding that most people don’t even have 50% of what they need for retirement.

“This is scary, yet many people don’t realise this. To be poor in old age is the ultimate prison. If you are young, at least you can work.” – Azizi Ali

This article will hopefull drive home the importance of saving and investing to more people

Read online if you can’t zoom up image From the Star here

Saving Now vs Saving Later

We all realise that we are all going to retire sooner or later. The question is ” Are we going to retire from life or are we going to retire from work?”

One of the easiest way to retire is to build a retirement nest egg that will provide a desired income that ideally is also a financial legacy for your heirs. The most important result that we will enjoy from HARD CASH is FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE… not having to depend on:

  • anything like working for regular income
  • allowance from your children
  • an ongoing business that could face challenges or competition
  • or assistance from charity

Saving for the future is less stressful and more profitable if you start NOW instead of the elusive LATER

Compare two people aged 25  in this example. Each

  • Saves RM6000/- per annum (RM500 monthly)
  • They get 10% returns from an investment
  • The both want to retire at age 55

The only difference is:-

  • One starts now and saves for only 10 years until age 35 and waits for his retirement fund to build up while
  • The other will only start 10 years later at age 35, but save for 20 years up to age 55

See the result below

It is seen that :-

  • Saver Now gets about 710,000 by saving 60,000 (650,000 profit) while
  • Saver Later gets about 380,000 by saving 120,000 (260,000 profit)

Also notice that SAVER NOW had RM6000/- per annum spare to spend on other things for 20 years after completing  his saving mission while SAVER LATER had to save hard for 20 years after enjoying only 10 years of savings-free life. The first worked smart, the latter worked hard

People may argue, ” Yes, it is an excellent idea, but I don’t earn enough, How do I save?”  The answer to this ” Why not earn more NOW, so that you can save/invest more” and let your money work for you?

Next question ” How do I earn more?”…. Answer ” Work for yourself” …. anything that brings you extra money. There are so many opportunities that will enable one to earn more, part-time or full-time, including being a FINANCIAL PLANNER or INSURANCE CONSULTANT.

Lastly ” But I don’t know anything about this industry!” The beautiful about this industry is that, just like a learner driver who is allowed on the road with a trainer, it allows you to EARN WHILE YOU LEARN & LEARN WHILE YOU EARN

Contact me to know how you can provide a much needed service to people and at the same time earn a generous income, even at part-time, for a start. Earning RM2000/- per month part-time from day 1 can be a reality with just some reasonable effort

Also of course if it is investment tools you are looking for, you are in the right place:-

  • Single Premium Investment
  • Regular Savings Investment
  • Single Premium with Regular Savings Investment

Go here for returns potential

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56% of Malaysians Expect to Retire Before the Age of 60 But Only 2 in 10 Are Financially Ready to Retire

Malaysian consumers are most likely to retire before the age of 60 within Asia Pacific. More than half (56%) of the Malaysian consumers retired or expressed their wish to retire before the age of 60, according to the Global Aging Report released by  The Nielsen Company (NYSE:NLSN).  After Malaysians, consumers in China (51%) and Indonesia 49%) are the second and third most likely groups to retire before they turn 60. On average, 40% of consumers in Asia Pacific retired or plan to retire before the age of 60 compare to the 30% global average

(Read more here)

Why worry about enemies when it’s your friend who tries to hurt you?

Sometimes it just amazes me to see the extent to which people will go when they hurt! Spurned gay lover, love triangle…. we don’t really know yet for now. But for sure Mohd. Rafie’s life will never be the same again. For now his vision and facial looks will be his top priority.

How is he going to manage it? How would we manage it? Having lot’s of money for medical treatment would help! Or maybe a good Medical Card?……. or a comprehensive Personal Accident (PA) insurance that covers social crimes?

Criminals are now also getting more innovative in their crimes….distract the victim with acid and commit the crime

Or will the promising future of this young footballer be cut short by this accident?

Anything can happen at anytime. Being financially prepared, especially with the help of insurance, can go a long way

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Career in Insurance… if you are between 20-40 yrs old

Well, the press release says it all. 60% of Malaysians between ages 20-40 have intentions of taking up insurance this year, according to the survey done by Swiss Re for the Asia-Pacific region. Young Insurance Consultants will eventually earn a very rewarding income by remembering this:-

  • Many young people are afraid of falling seriously ill – Help solve their problem
  • Many young people underestimate their life span – Educate them and help solve their problem
  • Many young people prefer to get information on insurance and purchase insurance from Insurance Consultants – Be there, educate them and help solve their problem

I will update my blog with more information soonest possible on career prospects. In the meantime, if you wish to know more, contact me

I will show you the income potential (the sky’s the limit), paid holidays, your own increaments and the glory of the industry with Zurich Insurance, one of the WORLD’S LARGEST INSURANCE company

More importantly, how you can start earning from Day 1 itself… no waiting around!!

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Balik Kampung, Ops Sikap & Statistitcs

It’s the time of the year, when the exodus starts, be it to return home or go for holidays. The sad apart about the festive seasons is the number of accidents, injuries and deaths recorded that never seem to go down. Sometimes in our haste, we throw caution to the wind, sometimes no matter how careful we are, others seem to do likewise. In the end some land up in the hospitals, some are maimed for life and a few never get to see another day of their lives

Accidents are what they are; you are not prepared for them. Insurance is never a substitute for good health and life, but it will provide money to help people to get much needed treatment easily and allow people to continue life as close to normal as possible. See the statistics and judge for yourselves.

A Personal accident (PA) plan is the cheapest insurance policy you can purchase to protect yourself financially. If you were to calculate the highest plan that we can offer, a 1.2Million Ringgit coverage can be obtained for as low as RM2875/- per annum. The cost is only 0.2396% of the coverage. If you look at it from the accountant’s point of view, it will take you 417 years to save that money. Death is certain the day we are born… don’t you think that “profitability” seems probable, sooner or later? If you cannot afford RM2875/- per annum, then you surely can afford RM204/- per annum.

Our PAs can, depending on type of plan selected:-

  • Provide, if due to an accident, a Monthly Income for you if you are Totally & Permanently Disabled or to your family if you should die
  • Have a wider provision for permanent disability benefits
  • Give free extensions ( cover more risks without additional premiums) food-poisoning, motorcycle, mountain-hiking, ets
  • Pay for medical expenses
  • Provide double coverage, if death is on a tolled highway, PLUS Highway, SMART Tunnel, etc
  • Refund your premium in full after 20 years
  • Provide coverage for senior citizens between 50 – 80 years old ( guaranteed acceptance, no kidding!) regardless of their state of health, even if they were about to die tomorrow
  • Provide Family Package with increasing coverage bonus
  • Saved the best for last….. Natural Death (all causes) benefit for all our PA plans.

Any more reasons to wait?

Call me now to find out about one that’s best for you.

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